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  • October 11, 2016
    A fire can be a catastrophic event, leading to destruction of property, injury, or even death. To ensure that your staff and employees are protected in the event of a fire, it is essential that every business have a fire safety plan in place. This fire safety plan should include a detailed evacuation plan that all employees are made aware of so they can exit the building quickly in the event of a fire.General Fire-Safety Tips:Practice good...
  • July 25, 2016
    There is an increasing awareness and focus on the linkage between individual workers’ health and productivity. Traditionally, many organizations have approached employee health and safety improvement in silos, with varying initiatives spearheaded by Human Resources, Safety and Operation departments. While each group’s intent to drive health and safety is admirable, their disconnected efforts have led to competing priorities between...
  • July 08, 2016
    Although food products may appear to be safe to salvage after a fire, toxic fumes, chemicals and smoke may have affected the health of the products. Food in cans and jars may have been affected by extreme heat and may have caused bacteria spoilage. Canned goods that have not been subjected to excessive heat may be salvaged by cleaning and sanitizing the exterior surfaces. Any food covered with permeable packaging may have been damaged by fumes...
  • April 18, 2016
    Restaurant owners & managers can reduce their alcohol liability risk through a comprehensive approach on all aspects of alcohol compliance; policy, training and monitoring. Written Policies Be specific in your written policies and include them in all employee handbooks. Example: instead of writing “ID everyone who appears to be under 40” – a better policy would be “ID any patron who is under 40.” The language...
  • March 10, 2016
    OpenTable, an online restaurant reservation and review service, recently announced results from its annual restaurant survey. The results are based on an analysis of more than 275,000 reviews of approximately 1,600 restaurants across the country – all submitted by verified OpenTable diners. The award winners span seven provinces, but the majority can be found in Ontario (41 restaurants), British Columbia (20), Alberta (19), and Quebec (17...
  • February 01, 2016
    Cyber criminals target businesses that have high volume of credit and debit card transactions, as well as a system that is easily penetrable, such as a point-of-sale system or remote-access desktop service. Restaurants (and especially franchise units) fit this description and therefore may be particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.The potential costs of a security breach may be significant for restaurant owners and operators. Unlike consumers...

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