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Workforce Productivity in the Hospitality Industry

There is an increasing awareness and focus on the linkage between individual workers’ health and productivity. Traditionally, many organizations have approached employee health and safety improvement in silos, with varying initiatives spearheaded by Human Resources, Safety and Operation departments. While each group’s intent to drive health and safety is admirable, their disconnected efforts have led to competing priorities between healthy work-life balance and business success. Limited integration between programs have resulted in stunted efficiencies, increased costs, and reduced productivity.

The success of businesses within the hospitality industry is often measured by the following criteria:

  1. Utilization rate
  2. Barriers to entry
  3. Characteristics of hospitality personnel working directly with customers

Consumers’ desire for exceptional customer service leads to increased utilization and decreased barriers to entry. These three criteria may result in a chicken-or-egg loop, but the quality of and satisfaction with customer service is undoubtedly paramount in measuring the success of hospitality businesses.

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