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Canada's leading solution provider in Commercial HOSPITALITY Insurance
You get more when you buy from our HOSPITALITY specialists at HUB International Insurance Brokers, Canada’s leading broker. You receive the combined power of our vast global resources and solid local relationships. You are provided with the solution that makes the most sense for you, whatever your interests in the Hospitality sector.

HUB International HOSPITALITY Insurance

HUB International is a leading provider of insurance services to the hospitality industry in Canada. We always have our client’s best interest at hand. To that end, we are constantly assessing your needs. Our vast global resources and solid relationships with local and international insurers has led to the emergence of the competitive insurance package fitting the needs of restaurants, neighborhood pubs, lounges, night clubs and other Hospitality Groups. Let Our Knowledge work to Your Advantage in every facet of your business.

Risk Management Services

Have you looked at all the ways you manage your risk? Having the proper insurance coverage is just one way of managing the risk of your business. Take a moment to consider the following Hospitality Issues:

Property / Liability Risk

  • Kitchen Fires
  • Security breaches and robberies
  • Customer Slip & Falls
  • Liquor Liability due to Alcohol Consumption
  • Food Safety (Foodborne Illness / Foreign Objects in Food / HACCP Compliance)
  • Parking Lots & Sidewalks
  • Valet Operations
  • Security Training

Employee / Worker Risk

  • Sprains / strains due to overexertion
  • Cut / punctures due to knife handling
  • Bruises due to congested work area
  • Burns due to cooking equipment
  • Slip and falls due to wet / contaminated floors

HUB International has on-staff Risk Managers based across North America that are well versed in protecting the Hospitality Industry. Some of the common services available to our clients include:

  • Safety Policy Development – All types, including corporate policies and site-specific plans;
  • Slip & Fall Prevention – Assessment of Contaminant (ie. Grease) Controls, flooring selection and evaluation, including Slipmeter Reading, advice on store design, housekeeping and cleaning, and slip resistant footwear program evaluation and implementation;
  • Emergency Response & Business Continuity Planning – analyzing risks / vulnerabilities, establishing mitigation plans, conducting business impact analysis, designing emergency response and business continuity strategies, organizing and training teams and conducting drills and exercises;
  • Site inspections – designing and conducting general site safety inspections and more specifically targeted inspections;
  • Loss analysis and trending – ongoing review of losses and trends to highlight loss trends and opportunities to adjust activities;
  • Incident management / response – development and oversight of incident response plans including management procedures and medical case management support;
  • Security Consutlting – workplace violence and security evaluations, training, and investigations for robbery, aberrant behavior and employee theft issues;
  • Training – development and implementation on a wide range of topics (conventional and web-based), and participation in Manager Training Sessions and Operations meetings to provide guidance in managing risk.

Our Claims Department

At HUB International HOSPITALITY, we pride ourselves in serving as your advocate when it comes to corporate claims. We ensure that claims are adjusted and settled in a fair, equitable and timely fashion. Our experienced claims staff is second to none, specializing in your area and offering assistance and guidance in bringing claims to a speedy resolution.

Our claims department works to:

  • Act as liaison between your firm and the insurer
  • Develop claims-handling guidelines with the insurer on your behalf
  • Establish procedures for the reporting of claims and suits
  • Monitor claims that are of special significance to your firm
  • Assist in the resolution of coverage issues
  • Advocate prompt and fair settlement practices
  • Assist in evaluating settlement proposals
  • Propose structured settlements and developing proposals
  • Review claims to determine the need for reporting to excess underwriters
  • Assist in resolving conflicts between primary and excess carriers
  • Report losses to the proper insurance carrier and arranging for a prompt inspection by the adjuster
  • Assist you in the proper method of presenting a claim after details are accumulated
  • Discuss coverage with you and the insurer, and providing opinions regarding interpretation
  • Ensure prompt payment of the claim upon settlement
  • Be available 24/7 to handle after hour emergency claims

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