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Canada's leading solution provider in Commercial HOSPITALITY Insurance
You get more when you buy from our HOSPITALITY specialists at HUB International Insurance Brokers, Canada’s leading broker. You receive the combined power of our vast global resources and solid local relationships. You are provided with the solution that makes the most sense for you, whatever your interests in the Hospitality sector.

Specialty Insurance

There are many reasons why more and more leaders in the Hospitality sector are turning to HUB International HOSPITALITY for their total insurance solutions. Chief among them is the specialized expertise we deliver, built on a proven track record serving restaurants, bars, neighbourhood pubs, lounges and other hospitality groups. Yet another is the unrivalled capacity of our HOSPITALITY experts to consult with HUB International specialists in other areas of expertise that could provide added value to your business by protecting your assets and operations.

We begin by doing a full assessment of your business and the risks you face or could face in the future. That sets the stage for a customized insurance solution that could, depending on your needs and circumstances, rely heavily on specialized expertise in other areas.

In addition to providing specialized expertise in Risk Management, HUB International HOSPITALITY offers leadership in specialty areas such as:


The Hospitality sector is evolving and changing on many fronts, including the expanded provision of employee and group benefits. HUB International HOSPITALITY has access to the best employee benefits specialists in British Columbia and Canada.

Directors and Officers Liability

The total insurance solutions synonymous with HUB International HOSPITALITY include consideration of your needs in the area of D&O liability coverage, ensuring the protection of members of your Board of Directors and other senior officers in the company.


Many restaurants and establishments serving alcohol have expanded their inventory and storage capacity for fine wines. Our assessment of your business will include an analysis of the risks associated with damage to or loss of your premium wine collections. It’s among the increasingly important areas of business protection we provide in consultation with our specialized experts in Wine Insurance.

Fine Arts

If your establishment places a premium on décor and ambience, it is quite likely that you could benefit from specialized coverage for paintings, prints, sculptures or other ornaments used to distinguish your space. This is where your HUB International HOSPITALITY team will consult with Canada’s leading experts on Fine Arts insurance coverage and solutions.

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